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Don’t Let Litigation Fees Get Out Of Control

Earlier this week, Bank of America announced a quarterly loss of $276 million due to $6 billion in litigation expenses. Yes, you read that correctly, $6 billion! Feel free to take a moment to collect yourself. Obviously, this is a ridiculously … [Read More...]


Potential High Cost Of Cheap Form Legal Documents

A recent case from the Supreme Court of Florida highlights the potential danger of using form legal documents instead of consulting with an attorney. In the case Aldrich v. Basile, a woman used a form document to make out her will. Unfortunately, the … [Read More...]


IRS Issues Tax Guidance For Virtual Currencies

The IRS has just issued some tax guidance for virtual currencies, including Bitcoin. I know you're probably thinking that you would rather do just about anything other than read about IRS tax guidance, and generally, I agree with you, but in this … [Read More...]